This form is emailed to the NNSW Youth Department to record your upcoming event.  If there are any issues with the proposed event you will be contacted.  Thanks for all you do with Pathfinders in our conference!

Pathfinder Club name *

Types of activities *

activities such as abseiling. rock climbing, bushwalking or kayaking
Do you need a Qualified instructor? *

Events like abseiling, kayaking, caving or water based activities. need to have an appropriately certified person run them
Name of Qualified instructor

The name of the qualified instructor running the high risk activities,
Authority from Local Church Board *

Have you had this event passed by the church board and put on the official church calendar?
Emergency contact details distributed *

Have parents or guardians been given the emergency contact details
Base and Emergency Contact details

This person will notify police or agreed emergency plan if not contacted by
Emergency Contact deadline *

This person should notify emergency services if not in contact with the group by
(Please give a date and Time)
Contact Name *

Mobile Number *

Additional contact number

Group Leader

Leader Name *

Mobile Number *

Additional Contact number

Assistant Group Leader

Assistant Leaders Name *

Mobile Number *

Additional Phone number

Activity Details

Specific location and activity details
Location of Activity *

Location Classification *

What classification of grounds is the activity being held on.

Objective of activity *

Number of Children/Youth *

Number of Adults *

Youngest participant *

Oldest Participant *

Do you require confirmation of public liability insurance? *

By land manager or other (eg.State Forests, National Parks, etc)
If you need a certificate vist

Risk Assessment Completed *

Template Risk Assessments can be found at
Please complete your Risk Assessment and email it to Angela Brown at

Please upload your Risk Assessment here:

Your outdoor activity notification has been submitted. Have fun, stay safe and may each member of {{answer_4470864}} gain a blessing from this experience.
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