Adventurer Club Report & Insurance Formatt
This form is emailed automatically to the NNSW Youth Department to record your club information. We'd like you to report 2 times a year: end of Feb and a fortnight before investiture.

If there are any issues with the form you will be contacted. Thank you for all you do with Adventurers in our conference!
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Please complete the required Club Report & Insurance Form Attachment by going to the link below and selecting number 15.Adventurers Club Report & Insurance Form Attachment (under Information for Pathfinder Club Administration)

Please Upload the required Adventurer Club Report & Insurance Form Attachment Here *

This is the form from the previous step
If this is your first report for the year, please attach your calendar!

Your Club Report & Insurance Form has been submitted. We hope each member of {{answer_UiTgR2wJeMKA}} will gain a true blessing from your hard work this year!
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